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The Boy's Favorite Web Sites

Nathaniel - Age 4
Adam - Age 1

Lego GamesLego Games - Build Dinosaurs, Play JunkBot, Try Racer Rally and more.

Lego GamesLego MyBot - Build and Pilot MyBot vehicles!

Nick Jr.Bob the Builder
Can we build it?
Yes we can!

Gold Kanohi Mask of Shielding by LegoLego Bionicle - I like to learn about the Tohunga, the Turaga, and the Toa. I especially like to explore the island of Mata Nui. Give it a try!

Lego GamesLego Jr. Games - Follow the Maze, do the Memory Game, Grow a Garden, and other fun stuff.

Jack Stone by LegoLego Jack Stone - Can Do, Will Do, Done! Try to save the day with Jack Stone.

Nick Jr.Nick Jr. - I like the story about the big, flying, orange monster with eyes and a tail.

Rescue Heroes by Fisher PriceFisher-Price Rescue Heroes - Check out the latest figures and games. The memory game is the best! I collect all the Rescue Heroes stuff.


Nick Jr.Nick Jr. - I like reading the story about the little bird and seeing Bob & Wendy. Can we build it? Yes we can!

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