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The LeCompte Family

Nate at age 8
Adam at age 5
Number One Son
Chloe the Cat
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Kirkwood Adams LeCompte, was born and raised in sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia, home of the East Coast Surfing Championship and the Worrell 1000 Catamaran Race. A twelve-year veteran of Norfolk Academy, he went on to receive a Geography and Computer Science degree from Dartmouth College where he served as the first Director of Collis Miniversity and won the John G. Kemeny prize in computing. He spent 15 years in engineering, sales, product management and marketing positions at content management companies Wang Labs (now Global 360 and Getronics), FileNet Corporation (now IBM), and PenOp (now CIC). Kirk is now a partner with his wife in the creative marketing firm Castle Haven. A sucker for a good cause, Kirk can be found raising money by rollerblading for diabetes research and swimming for the homeless. Kirk was last seen parenting without a license outside Princeton, NJ.
Motto: In mundo melius non est quam fidus amicus.
Best Day: When Cathy Stano accepted a marriage proposal at the top of the empire state building.
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Sagittarius - The Hunter
December 20
Catherine Ellen LeCompte represents the 2nd generation of the Stano family born in America, so the Slovakian roots still run deep. A graduate of Hillsborough High School in New Jersey, she later received her Art degree from Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts. Taco Bell Logo - You should see 3d version Moving from farm country to New York City, Cathy spent 10 years creating consumer packaging and corporate identity (like the Taco Bell logo) for the design firm, the Schechter Group (now Interbrand), before starting her own graphic design business. Cathy met Kirk when she asked him to dance on November 16, 1991 during a Community Club event. Cathy never stops giving, and is even a sponsor for a needy child in Guatemala through Children International.
Motto: Think global, act local: give a kid a Macintosh!
Best First Date: Ice skating in Central Park followed by romantic dinner on Upper West Side.
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Virgo - The Lover
September 3
Nathaniel Lee LeCompte represents the 10th generation of the LeCompte family and 10th generation of the Adams family born in America, and is the first child of Kirk & Cathy. Nathaniel, the name of his great grandmother's great grandfather, means "gift of God" and so he is. The name Lee is derived from his grandfather and his grandfather's great uncle. Born in the 20th century, Nathaniel Lee may well see the birth of the 22nd century. He thinks Baja is his older brother and he counts Charlotte Stiles of Laguna Beach, CA as a girlfriend.
Motto: If mom says "no," then Dad is upstairs in his office.
First Word: Truck
Favorite Web Sites: Click Here
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Libra - Our Balance
September 25
Happy Birthday!Adam Michael LeCompte is named after the Stano & Lengyl side of the family. Adam is Cathy's brother's middle name and that of a great uncle, and Michael is the name of Cathy's father and her other brother as well as the name of both her grandfathers. Adam Michael represents the third generation of his Slovakian family born in America. Adam Michael means "man of God" while his dad's name means "church" - and so far he is showing all the signs of being a little angel.
Motto: Eat, sleep, and always save a little for the new diaper.
First Word: Bird
Photos of Adam
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Leo - The Lion
August 12
Baja LeCompte is believed to have been born on the Baja peninsula near Ensenada, Mexico. Possibly a mixed breed, he gets his good looks from his Havanese mother, and his inner tranquility from his Tibetan Terrier father. His mission is a smile on every face he meets, and he credits is 100% success rate with his cheerful saunter, playful growl, cloud-soft coat, and gentle kiss. Friend to all, protector of children, the story of Baja is the stuff of fairy tales.
Motto: Bark loudly and fetch a big stick.
Best Day: April 29, 1996 when rescued from a life of starvation and abuse.
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Taurus - The Bull
April 29
Chloe the Calico Cat was born in Lawrenceville, NJ in a barn on a farm. Despite being the smallest of the litter, she had the biggest heart. She defies the calico stereotype by being remarkably gentle and sociable. Like most of her breed, she stalks both imaginary and real prey quite effectively. Birds, mice, and squirrels fear her, but the kids can't get enough of her.
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Aries - The Ram
April 15
For more information on the family check out our family tree. Do you know the signs of the zodiac? Do you know your elements from your modalities?
For more information on the twelve sun signs:
  • The Ram : Aries: 22 March - 20 April
  • The Bull : Taurus: 21 April - 21 May
  • The Twins : Gemini: 22 May - 22 June
  • The Crab : Cancer: 23 June - 22 July
  • The Lion : Leo: 23 July - 23 August
  • The Maiden : Virgo: 24 August - 23 September
  • The Scales of Balance: Libra: 24 September - 23 October
  • The Scorpion : Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November
  • The Archer : Sagittarius: 23 November - 22 December
  • The Sea Goat : Capricorn: 23 December - 19 January
  • The Water Bearer : Aquarius: 20 January - 19 February
  • The Pair of Fish : Pisces: 20 February - 21 March

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